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Temporary Labor

A.D.W., Inc. seeks to fulfill any request that a customer may have. ADW ensures that our employees providing service to you are proven to be trustworthy. Security is key in successfully running a business and ADW wants to make sure customers are comfortable with who has access to their building or facility.

ADW has endless employment opportunities, and we are always seeking hardworking individuals to come and work for our company. ADW fully endorses employees after they have proven to be trustworthy, reliable, and known to have a strong work ethic.

ADW will work to seek employment in an industry that interests you or that you are skilled at. Within the company, you can advance anywhere from supervision, management, or training. If you wish to be moved to a different facility that may offer better pay or an overall more desirable situation for you, the ADW sales department will search areas near your home for employment at another, nearby facility that is more economical for you. If you decide to leave your current position for another position, but find that the new position is less desirable for you and your situation, ADW will allow you to go back to your previous position.

ADW values hard-working employees. If need be, we are willing to search for available employment opportunities near your home that would be most desirable for you.